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 New Bejeweler Pro for SC Applicator for SALE- SOLD

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PostSubject: New Bejeweler Pro for SC Applicator for SALE- SOLD   Sat May 29, 2010 2:02 am

I just receive some SC Applicators from US. I have 2 extras. It is available for SALE, the price is RM128 each.. This Bejeweler Pro does really make the application of swarovski crystals or any other rhinestones to tudungs and clothes, a lot easier. I tried it last night and love it, hehe. It comes with 8 extra tips for different sizes of crystals, together with hot spot tip.

Now, it is really difficult to get this SC Applicator, many websites which sold this at a cheaper price, is already sold out. Yg I beli ni pun, is at a website yg pricenya more expensive, thats why I put it at RM128, tak untung pun.. Do sms me if berminat ye, 0132352640, first come first served.. tq
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New Bejeweler Pro for SC Applicator for SALE- SOLD
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