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 Nexus Pheromone Malaysia Dealer | Pheromone Attractant

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PostSubject: Nexus Pheromone Malaysia Dealer | Pheromone Attractant   Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:44 pm

Nexus Pheromones - 1 fl. oz. e 30ml USA

Instantly Arouse, Attract, Excite, Intrigue and Seduce Gorgeous Women Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want, As Often As You Want ... Any Time YOU Are In the Mood.

Gain MASSIVE Sexual Chemistry on Demand!

Do you want to have better luck with women? Twelve years of scientific research shows that guys who produce more pheromones really are luckier when it comes to picking up women. Women are naturally attracted to men’s sex pheromones which are nature’s way of saying that you are healthy, strong and fertile. It’s part of a woman’s subconscious instinct to procreate.

The thing is guys, even if you give off plenty of pheromones there’s no guarantee that a woman will find your pheromone scent attractive. Science has shown that the healthier and fitter you are, the more likely a woman is to be attracted to your pheromones. If you are overweight or just not in fit shape it affects your pheromones and women can subconsciously sense that. The more attractive you are physically the more likely you are to smell better to women.

This is where Nexus Pheromone cologne can give you the edge. Nexus Pheromones have been created from a blend of seven different compounds of human pheromones. This blend has been designed to mimic the scent of pheromones produce by attractive, fit and fertile men. This blend is then concentrated many more times to amplify the effects that will trigger an instant sexual response from women.

Have you ever noticed how some guys that you would consider to be ugly or a jerk seem to be magnets for hot women? What makes them able to attract women so easily like wasps to honey? This is the effect of pheromones at work triggering a response in the women around them. When men give off the right kind of pheromones women become sexually responsive and will be more likely to flirt with them. Women become more receptive to their advances.

If you find it hard to attract women then there are two main reasons that can prevent you from releasing the pheromones that women find so attractive.

We are required socially to shower daily, wear clean clothes and to wear a deodorant. All this washing means that you are losing or masking our own natural pheromones.
Your health may be affecting your natural pheromones and can be made worse by poor diet or living a sedentary lifestyle.

I’m not suggesting you don’t wash or suddenly start obsessing about your health. However Nexus Pheromone cologne can help you overcome this problem by making you appear to naturally be giving off the type of pheromones that women find so attractive.

Does Nexus Pheromones Work?

What I like about Nexus Pheromones is that it is has been scientifically formulated using the results of over 12 years of scientific research into pheromones.

Nexus Pheromones

Some pheromone colognes only contain a couple of different pheromones; Nexus Pheromones contain the following seven:
Androstenone – This pheromone signals dominance as well making you more attractive to females.
Alpha-androstenol –A powerful sex pheromone secreted with human sweat. It has been shown to induce feelings of comfort as well as attraction.
Androsterone – This is a pheromone produced by men that makes them more masculine. It has a mood elevating effect on women.
Epiandrosterone – Helps to communicate youthfulness
Beta-androstenol – This induces feelings of friendliness and relaxation in women and helps make it easier for you to break the ice with them.
Androstedienone – Known as the “love pheromone”, it significantly affects the mood of women and heightens their sexual responsiveness. It elicits feelings of intimacy and comfort, and increase feelings of caring.
Androstanone – This has a powerful masculine effect when combined with other pheromones.

Nexus pheromones last for 8-10 hours from one application to your neck and chest and you can wear it with your favourite cologne.

The limitation of using any pheromone spray is that it only creates the initial attraction. You still have work to do if you want to convince a girl that she should spend more time with you. But what Nexus Pheromones does really well is make women more likely to come up and talk to you and flirt with you. This is likely to boost your confidence and if you are shy around women this will make it so much easier for you to talk to them and be yourself. Nexus Pheromones can help you turn the tables by making women compete for your attention rather than you competing with other guys over women.

There are so many different brands of pheromones available now that I really wouldn’t recommend any product that didn’t come with a money back guarantee. When the maker of a pheromone cologne offers a guarantee it’s a good sign that it’s going to work for most men who try it. Nexus Pheromones is no exception and they offer a 67 day satisfaction guarantee. You can even use whole bottle before making up your mind about it.



Buat bayaran melalui cara-cara berikut: *Mesin ATM / Kaunter / Internet-Banking / Maybank2u dan lain-lain ke akaun di bawah:


5122 6806 0093




4702 6594 35


0114 1290 0008 5491


12092 02281 0552





* Nama : Mohd NAzaruddeen

* H/ Phone : 013-3066540 WHATAPPS/SMS/CALL
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Nexus Pheromone Malaysia Dealer | Pheromone Attractant
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